Last summer I refurbished a boat. Nothing crazy or inventive was done, I simply put a new engine in and cleaned it up a bit. OK it wasn't that simple but this summer I am attempting something way more challenging. I call it Frankenboat. Frankenboat is going to be a combination of three boats: a 15 foot speed boat and 2 jet skis. Hopefully by the end of this project I will have a working jet powered boat. 

Step 1, obtaining materials:
The first boat was obtained from Titusville, about 45 minutes drive. It came with a trailer and a not running outboard engine. Hopefully I can repair the engine and sell it, making a profit on this boat.

The boat fit perfectly in the garage, room for nothing else. Or so I thought...

The (very old) outboard engine.

Pierre taking the boat for a spin.

Jet ski number one arrived and was very heavy.

Well look at that, it fit.

The first jet ski's engine. This will be a project for later.

Jet Ski 2 all loaded up and ready to go.

Well they all fit in the garage. Not much room to work though...

Click here for Step 2: Destruction