Frankenboat Destruction

Before new life can be created, old life must be destroyed. The engine mounts and jet drive were removed from the first ski.
Cutting the fiberglass hull was very messy work.

The entire top half of the jet ski was removed and discarded.

We were all covered in fiberglass at the end of  the night.
After the ski was cut, all the controls had to be removed to completely separate it.
The controls were set aside to be possibly used in the final project.
Pulling the top half off.
The ski is completely separated with just some cables, fuel tank and exhaust still in it.
Finished for the night.

Where did the boat go?
Found it. Time to start cutting the hull.
The two hulls should fit nicely together.
The boat was propped up against a tree for cutting.
Jet ski hull almost cut down to size.

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