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1988 Bowrider Restoration

Early this summer I was browsing craigslist and found a great deal on a boat. I had always wanted a boat deep down and this deal was too good to refuse. The boat was in good shape besides the engine. The engine had blown and the previous owner had already started disassembling it.
From the pictures on the ad I could tell that it would need a reupholstering to make it look new again. The paint and gel coat looked to be in good condition. Upon inspection I found the hull to be very sturdy as well as the trailer. It was in much better shape that I thought so I brought it home.
Looks good sitting under the car port. Still hasn't sunk in that I bought a boat. I'm sure that feeling will come later. Now, on to the engine.
It is exactly what the guy said it was. It will be good for spare parts. There are extra heads, a carburetor, alternator, distributor cap, belts, and spark plug wires. The hoses were not that bad either. Now on to the aesthetics. 
Nothing was in horrible shape, but it definitely had sun damage. I removed all the upholstery so it wouldn't get any worse while I worked on the engine. Once the engine is complete and running I will reupholster it.
I found this engine on craigslist for a decent price. It's a 1991 OMC Cobra 4.3 Litre. Same exact engine that was in the boat, only three years newer. It came with everything I needed already on the block so I picked it up.
With the old engine removed it was time to drop in the new one.
An engine hoist would not have been big or tall enough to lift the engine into the boat so I picked up a 2 ton winch at Harbor Freight and hung it in a tree.
This was done while racing against Mother Nature, it was raining and a tropical storm was closing in fast. Against all odds the engine did make it in the boat safely.
Some bad weather held up the install process but with some wiggling and forcing the engine did fit snugly into place. Now it had to be connected up and tested.
First the hydraulics needed to be connected so that the outdrive could be lowered for more access.
I just mounted the hydraulic relays to the side of the exhaust manifolds. I may move these later, but for now it works. The outdrive lowered nicely.
The wiring from the old engine had to be removed. The only problem I ran into was that the Ignition wire for the starter relay was severed so I just ran a new one. I am also going to add a new running relay for lights and electronics so that they turn off with the boat.
The engine is now all wired and installed. Ready for testing.
Not surprising, the engine did not start first try. It seems like it is not getting fuel.
I checked the fuel line and it is pumping fuel, but still not starting. Next I am going to check the carburetor.
Removing the carburetor.
Well there's the problem. The carburetor is blocked up by old fuel. It needs to be cleaned and rebuilt. I ordered a rebuild kit, it should be here shortly. 

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