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1988 Bowrider Restoration- Page 2

While I'm waiting on parts for the carburetor I decided to assess the engine and look for a propeller.
Found a great deal on this propeller. Its pitch 19, which should be what I need. No way to tell until it hits the water though.
I just found this hidden treasure tucked away under the dash, hope it works.

I pulled the spark plugs and they were not too bad but they could be better so I ordered a new set, they should be here by the end of the week. The rebuild kit for the carburetor will come in soon so I will get started on that next.
The carburetor rebuild kit came in so let the cleaning and rebuilding begin!
Before and after shot of one of the pieces.
All the clean parts laid out.
Carburetor is fully assembled and ready to go on the boat.
Its so much cleaner than the rest of the engine.
Not surprising that the boat did not start. Its definitely getting fuel now, next I need to check if its getting spark.

I plan on replacing the water separator, fuel filter, and oil filter. I still need to inspect the raw water impeller and clean the distributor cap. New spark plugs should be here soon.
Spark plugs came in! I also picked up a water separator and fuel filter at West Marine.
The new and the old water separator.
New fuel filter and water separator installed.
Cleaning the distributor cap.
And finally installing the new spark plugs.
Success! The boat finally started!
Put it in gear and went up to 2000 rpm. Now I need to check the cooling systems and it will be ready for water!
The water impeller looked good and water was getting pumped up into the engine. 
The all around light and the fish-finder work. Only thing that does not work is the red and green front light, but that's an easy fix. 
When the boat is in gear, the propeller does not spin. I am going to open the lower unit and see what is going on.

Almost everything works on the boat. Still need to test the automatic bilge pump, but the manual one works.

Well I decided to sell the boat for $1800, making about a $1000 dollar profit. The boat is gone for good, one day I will try again.