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310 Gallon Livestock

Clown Tang (Clown Surgeonfish)
Acanthurus lineatus
Current size:

The Clown Tang in my tank is my prized fish. These are one of the most difficult fish to keep and are very rare. Clown Tangs often develop a unique personality. This fish is extremely active and very curious, he will come up to the surface and try to look out the tank. He also likes being pet and will eat food from your hand. He is a herbivore. Clown Tangs are aggressive to any fish that has the same body shape.

Zebra Moray Eel
Gymnomuraena zebra
Current size: 22 inches

This Zebra Eel can only be seen at certain times towards the day. Most of the time only his head can be seen, but later in the day he can be seen fully exposed exploring the tank. This eel eats squid and shrimp, along with any crustacean. Zebra Eels are escape artists so I keep a tight lid on the tank.

Six Bar Angelfish
Pomacanthus sexstriatus
Current size:

Currently the Six Bar Angelfish is very shy, but she can be seen leaving her cave a little further each time. She will eat anything and everything and can get aggressive, however, so far this has not been a problem. 

Blue Tang
Paracanthurus hepatus
Current Size:

Blue Tangs are very peaceful fish, however they can be aggressive to their own species. The Blue Tang will eat meat, but is mostly a herbivore.  She has the same body shape as the Clown Tang and may get picked on so I will be watching closely. 

Humu Rectangle Triggerfish
Rhinecanthus rectangulus
Current Size:

The Rectangular trigger was the first addition to the tank, he is about a quarter of the size of the other fish. Triggerfish are aggressive by nature so he will be able to hold his ground.